“M. Mariz is a young writer with a delightful and unique narrative style. Her first book, The Chosen of Gaia, is a prime example – full of adventure, with a young soul and simply amazing. You just can’t stop reading.” –  MARCELO GALVÃO, screenwriter, producer, filmmaker, and CEO of Gatacine.  He has five award-winning feature films in his filmography, highlighting film festivals in London, New York, Cannes, Lisbon, Paris, and Brazil.

“It’s hard to find a storyteller who combines humor with so much else. It’s the perfect balance of interesting characters and enticing plots that makes you wonder, imagine and feel yourself as one of the characters.” – ANSELMO MARTINI, producer. As the CEO and President of Monarca Group he is currently producing feature films, reality TV and TV series.

“I really enjoyed many aspects of this book with the information on Atlantis being a neat addition. The pacing of t his book was pretty good with twists coming at the appropriate times to spark another level of interest. The technology exhibited by the Gaians was great and had some very intriguing applications, especially the variety of changes the houses were capable of affecting.There is a little something for everyone in this book. There is crime to solve, futuristic technology, young love, sports, action, intrigue, thrills, conspiracies, and more. If you pick up a copy of the book for yourself or your child (I’d guess middle school and above) you won’t regret it.” –  SCOTT POE, reviewer, Indie Book Blogger.

“Perfect blend of fantasy, mystery, and a touch of sci-fi. The main characters are very likable and you find yourself wishing you were as lucky as them and becoming a chosen one who get’s to move to Gaia and experience all this amazing advanced technology. Young adults are sure to love this book! I would also love to see this book made into a movie!” – JAIME SMITH, Librarian.

“The Chosen of Gaia raises questions about the nature and hearts of the human race. Through only one person a civilization can thrive or decay, all depending on what’s in their hearts and minds. I really liked this story and the characters the live within it. I would love to see more from this world.” – CHRISTINA MADISON, Zodiac Book Reviews.

“This was an adorable, charming story that mixes the perfect amount of fantastical science fiction that is unlike any of us have ever experienced, with the inner struggles and emotional journeys that everyone experiences in life.  I loved the story, right from the first page. Mariz takes readers on a ride through family values, solid science, love on many levels, loyalty, and even touches on the importance of dreams. The journey all begins with a dream called a Revelation.  I have a Revelation: We will be seeing much more from this author. I can’t wait to read the next thing she writes, myself. And I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this book turned into a movie…it would be a blockbuster.” – SABRINA JAMES RILEY, Author of the novels The Loki Variation and Wesley.

“The Chosen of Gaia is the perfect choice for light reading and entertainment. The very opening of the novel presents to this normal family a life-altering decision that changes their perspective of themselves and the worlds around them. Within this story, Mariz doesn’t let everything proceed smoothly. The characters face opposition and uncertainty. The Chosen of Gaia is truly a story that readers of any age can enjoy because of the lessons both the parents and children learn. Albert and Ruth’s journey is the most impressive because they come to blossom on Gaia, especially when their peaceful stay on the small, green planet turns violent. The Chosen of Gaia has light elements of mystery and science-fiction.  M. Mariz’s debut young adult novel comes highly recommended.”  CANDACE HAWKINS, reviewer, Lovey Dovey Books.

“The Chosen of Gaia is a perfect example of fantasy blended with mystery. Albert and his family were wonderful to follow in this story. It’s not hard to choose favorites since Albert and Ruth, the two children in the family, were so vivid and unique. In case you’re worried that this book is all sunshine and roses though, let me set you straight. Albert and his family definitely run into their fair share of problems. When something happens that rocks the small planet of Gaia, it just so happens that they are all in the middle of it. It was nice to see that this family banded together when it was necessary. It’s never easy to be the new people in town, and it definitely gets even harder when you find out that people already dislike you before they even know you. The story pretty much flies by, allowing you to get to see a new world that might just take your breath away. Overall I was fairly impressed by M. Mariz’s story! I can’t wait to see if there is more coming around the bend.” JESSICA TORRES, reviewer, Hopeless Bibliophile.

“You can quickly tell that the author of this book is an actress because I found myself visualizing the movie of this book from the first chapter. Getting teens to read science fiction and fantasy these days is about as difficult as getting a politician to accept campaign donations, which is to say that “it ain’t hard.” This story stands out, as girls and boys also appreciate the humor of the characters.” DANNY BRASSELL, reviewer, The Lazy Readers’ Book Club.

When I embarked in this parallel universe journey, I found myself lifting a lot of psychological and sociological questions with sometimes instant answers but sometimes left to contemplate. I immediately became so hooked to the story that every time I had to take a break such as dinner with my family, I couldn’t wait to go back on. The words written in this smart plot landed so soft in my brain while the specific details made me never forget what I want for me. Not to mention the particularity of the futuristic setting, amazing characters, the courage of the youth, the fragility of the grown ups, and above all, the intense bonds within an ordinary American family who really believe in each other enough to risk and sacrifice their own lives in an emergent situation for one another. I would recommend this brilliant book not only to teenagers, but to everyone who wish to read an intellectual (but smooth to read book) novel with impact innovations in technology.  –  CLAUDIA DAMASCENO, producer, filmmaker and CEO at Duna Productions.



  1. Leon Jenkins says:

    Can’t believe I am going to share this withthe world. But for a guy who has only read 5 books I’m my life time, this is absolutely my favorite! I found myself reading this book at work, and not during breaks, during working hours! I just couldn’t put the book down, it was very exciting and intriguing. Glad I got the opportunity to be one of the first to read this amazing book! The world will absolutely love it.

  2. ChristianL says:

    Many are familiar with the “ancient astronaut” theory that
    extraterrestrials “seeded” or influenced the first great ancient
    civilizations on earth.

    The Chosen Of Gaia is an interesting twist on the theme, as it
    describes a world where ancient human people colonized another planet
    while maintaining a complex relationship with those left behind.

    This first time novel by a Brazilian playwright alternates fantastical
    thrills with goofy humor and sympathetic portrayals of realistic
    coming of age feelings and social dynamics.

    Like the Hunger Games it aspires to cinematic pretensions, and much
    like Harry Potter it’s fast-paced plot line should appeal to readers
    all the way from older child to young-at-heart adult.

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